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Now Accepting SNAP/ EBT!!

We have some exciting news! Beginning May 13th, the market will be accepting SNAP/EBT from qualifying families.

In order to use your benefits to purchase our local produce and goods, simply stop by the Market Manager booth and tell us how much you want to spend. We will swipe your card for that amount, and then give you wooden tokens in the amount you want to spend. Those tokens are recognized the same as cash to participating farmers. The tokens are non-refundable- however, they do not expire until the end of August, so they can be used all season long. So if you don't spend all of your tokens, just save them for future markets.

The market also accepts cash and debit/credit cards. To use your card, stop by the market manager booth and we will swipe your card with our Square card reader for the amount you want to spend. Then we will give you our CFM wooden tokens (different than SNAP/EBT tokens) that act the same as cash. These tokens also are non-refundable, but also never expire. If you do not spend all of your token, just save them for future markets.

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